6 tricks to get the best price on your next Android smartphone

For some time you have been thinking of changing your smartphone but are you waiting for the right offer? Would you like to buy a brand new smartphone maybe that will be updated to Android O but the prices are too high? Our guide on how to save on buying a new smartphone could be for you!

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Do you have any idea how to get the best price for your new Android smartphone? With these 6 tricks you can take your future device home, saving a few euros and taking advantage of the old smartphone once again.
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6 secrets to find the best price for your next Android smartphone!

Deciding to buy a new smartphone is never an easy choice, and although the old device has gotten bored with its eternal loading times, the display no longer suits your gamer needs and its battery that takes a lifetime to charge and a few hours to discharge, you have to deal with your savings not always enough to buy a new gem. The latest top of the range recently launched on the market offer increasingly interesting features, exclusive materials and futuristic designs that also translate into mind-boggling figures.

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But why give up the almost borderless new displays, the features like virtual reality or a dual camera? Would you like a smartphone with Android stock but at the same time very handsome? Check these 6 points to see if they can help you!

1. Keep an eye on the major dedicated online sites

Before going to the nearest mall to buy the new smartphone once and for all, we advise you to keep an eye on the online sites dedicated to mobile phones that offer more advantageous prices, often including free shipping. When buying online you must always make sure that the site in question is reliable and, to do this, you need to verify the origin, check feedback and reviews of users who, before you, have made a purchase of the same type, read carefully in bottom of the page terms and conditions related to payment methods and shipping times and to any return policies.

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The warranty is another important aspect to take into consideration to avoid unpleasant surprises once you receive the new device which, however, does not go as it should or that lacks some accessory that should have been included in the package, especially when it comes to Chinese smartphones like Xiaomi. But what are the best sites to consider when you want to buy a smartphone?

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Look for your new Android on mobile websites!
First and foremost Amazon, the well-known site showcases every day a wide range of devices, with Italian or European warranty, and with free shipping throughout Italy. Through the dedicated Android app you can also follow the tracking of the shipment and know when the new jewel will arrive at your site.

Even price.it offers Android smartphones, recent or not, at affordable prices and, to simplify the search for the best offers, dedicates a page to the whole where you find electronic devices of various kinds at particularly affordable prices. To go straight to the section dedicated to smartphones, you just need to click on Smartphones and Mobile Phones and, once you've found the device of your dreams, complete the payment to receive it within a few days directly at your home.

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Other recommended sites include Unieuro.it, MediaWorld.it, Trony.it, Saturn.it. Another way to immediately find the best price available online for your device is to rely on Trovaprezzi.it where you just need to insert the smartphone model you are interested in to immediately find the best offers on the web.

2. Do not miss the proposals of mobile operators

When it comes to the top of the range, mobile phone operators take the field, allowing them to purchase new devices through subscriptions and rate plans capable of embracing the needs of different users. In Italy we mainly think Wind, Tim, Vodafone and Tre to offer Galaxy S8 +, LG G6, Honor 9 and other Android smartphones through different formulas, which provide an initial contribution plus a monthly fee for the device, in addition to a monthly fee that varies to depending on the chosen tariff plan.
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The formulas of the telephone operators are not always as cheap as they may initially seem: adding the initial contribution paid for the device to the monthly ones, generally binding for about 30 months, the final figure that comes out is not so advantageous. In this case, however, the convenience of being able to pay monthly, without having your account drained in an instant, must be evaluated, while taking advantage of the tariff plans and other ongoing promotions at the same time.

3. Be social: how to make the most of social media
How many hours do you spend each day on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and social media channels of this kind? As you move from one network to another, browsing through photos, comments and videos published by your friends who are having a good time on vacation, why not jump over the pages of the major brands and mobile operators?

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Perhaps not everyone knows that often well-known brands, such as Samsung, LG, Oppo, Sony, and telephone operators, such as Wind and Vodafone, love to publish on social promotions for a limited duration where they are giving away, for free or at particularly convenient prices, the best smartphones of the moment.
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Take advantage of social media to find the best price or to bring it home for FREE /

4. Wait for the new flagship to buy its predecessor

Have you been thinking about switching to an Honor 8 Pro for a long time? Excellent choice, especially now that the new Honor 9 has been released on the market. As you know, the new jewel of the Huawei sub-brand was unveiled at the end of June, which usually translates into a lower price for its predecessor.

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A new top of the range comes out, and the price of its predecessor decreases! / © ANDROIDPIT

The market law wants that, immediately after the presentation of the last device of a brand, its predecessor automatically loses value and is available to purchase at cheaper figures. Considering the number of devices that are released each year and the quality and features offered in continuous evolution, deciding to buy the latest model allows you to have in your hands an innovative, functional and updated smartphone with respect to new market trends.

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You may not be able to take advantage of a super responsive fingerprint reader like the Huawei Mate 9 or the effects and shooting modes of the LG G6 camera, but don't forget that with Android you can fully customize your device and take advantage of apps and root permissions to get all those features not present by default on your smartphone.

5. Earn some money from the old device

Answer this question sincerely: once the new smartphone has been purchased, what happens to the old man? Segregated in the desk drawer? Taken by the excitement of the new purchase, you could forget that the old smartphone could still make you comfortable, especially if you use more SIM (and you don't have a dual-SIM), if you need a remote control for your TV, a game console , an MP3 player, an alarm clock that you can get out of bed in the morning, a keyboard for your PC or some extra money.

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In fact, don't forget that you can always sell the old one online in your pocket to invest in the new Android smartphone. By registering on sites like Androidusato.com, ebay and Subito.it you can publish your announcement and manage the sale of the