Smartphone with removable battery: the best 5

Smartphone with removable battery: the best 5
Smartphone with removable battery: the best 5

 Let's face it: having a smartphone with a removable battery is a real convenience. First of all for the possibility of changing the battery, with a spare, when you are running out of power.

If the old battery is no longer working and you need to change it permanently, replacing it with a removable battery is child's play. No screws and cell phones to disassemble, no delicate DIY replacement procedures and no service centers.

And yet, in recent years mobile phones with non-removable batteries put on the market have increased visibly. The reasons are in the design of increasingly performing and impermeable devices and in the choice of manufacturing materials.

Despite the great advancement of unibody smartphones, it is still possible to find many latest generation devices with removable batteries on the market.

So let's see the 5 best phones to choose from if you want to enjoy the convenience of a removable battery. Let's start!
LG G5: a smartphone with surprise

Of the best smartphones with removable battery you can't, of course, forget about the LG G5. The latter stands out from all the others thanks to its particular design that combines elegance and innovation. Of all the pieces presented in 2016, this has managed to amaze virtually everyone. It includes a graceful metallic unibody and a modular design thanks to which you can remove the battery by pulling it downwards. To characterize this smartphone there is also a latest generation processor, 32 GB of internal memory and 4 GB of RAM.
The LG V10 is also among the best

The South Korean company is really among the most complete as regards the production of smartphones with removable battery. This device includes a large 5.7-inch display and a secondary display designed for application use. Also in this case the LG V10 battery can be removed by pulling it out from underneath. The smartphone also incorporates a latest-generation processor and as much as 4 GB of RAM. In this way it is certainly a perfect device to carry out a wide range of work simultaneously. Its cost is not high at all.
Motorola also offers the removable battery in the Moto E4

Even moving away from LG productions you can find smartphones with very high quality removable battery. Just think of the Motorola Moto E4, a smartphone designed specifically for those on a tight budget. The display here is only 5 inches, but this in no way limits the functionality of the smartphone. Moreover, the data sheet is one of the best that can be found on the market for smartphones under 200 euros. Without forgetting that even the software side is particularly taken care of and improved.
Huawei P9 Lite

Speaking of the best smartphones with the removable battery you can't certainly forget the Huawei branded products, and in particular the P9 Lite model. The Chinese house offers its customers a smartphone whose battery can be easily removed and which includes a 5.2-inch display in Full HD resolution. The device itself does not include any physical buttons, in addition to the fingerprint sensor.
Honor 9: a new smartphone to respond to old problems

This device is fairly new, but has already managed to gain a good share of the market. Design, build quality, but also performance are among the best features you can have. Not forgetting the 5.15 inch Full HD display and an aluminum body decorated with thin frames. This device also includes a fingerprint sensor, as well as a latest-generation processor. It also deserves the 20 MP camera of this device, as it is able to guarantee a very high quality of the photographs.