10 most expensive smartphones in the world

10 most expensive smartphones in the world
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Shocked by the price of the iPhone X? Intrigued by the stylish details of the luxurious Lamborghini Alpha? Yet these are not the most expensive smartphones on the market. In fact, the price range goes up, and a lot, when you look at what's available on the market when looking for a phone out of the ordinary (at least at the receipt level). Just don't aim for understated luxury, which doesn't stand out. Because almost always you go exactly in the opposite direction. Giurin sworn: these are not suggestions for Christmas presents. Maybe.

1. Huawei Mate 10 Porsche Design

It is not the first collaboration between the car manufacturer and the Chinese: the Mate 10 is already beautiful, but the details worked by Porsche further enhance its line and pleasure. Ceramic shell, storage base with 256GB of RAM and branded accessories, including leather houses. The same performance and technical features of the absolute level remain already in the basic model: Leica 20 + 12 MP rear camera, the OLED display in 18: 9, 6GB of RAM. The price? 1395 euros.

2.  Diamond Heaven - Black Alligator

Precious stones, it was said: here there are well 360, and moreover they are diamonds, set on a base of steel and aluminum. The phone proposed by the company based in Geneva is completed with an alligator leather shell and from the offices they want to let us know that each model could be different because it is assembled by hand. Among the technical specifications, the Quadcore Snapdragon processor, the two 13MP (rear) and 5MP (front) cameras. Only 32,800 euros.

3. Vertu

The English house produces all its products by hand, or we should say ... it produced: it went bankrupt last July. Which means, wanting to see it in a cynical way, that its products are there to become even more exclusive, since they will be purchased by collectors and no longer by this company specializing in luxury telephones. Like the Cobra Limited Edition, not really beautiful but very delicate, thanks to the 439 rubies and 2 emeralds that surround it. The original price was 320,000 euros.

4. Sirin Solarin

The company today is launching the first specialized blockchain phone to allow it to manage cryptocurrencies in total security, but last year it had already proposed this smartphone for almost 12,000 euros that promised an Android operating system created to measure, and a switch to make the object completely unassailable to hackers: very safe but also unwieldy, the Assanges of the planet liked it.

5. Mobiado Grand7

This line of smartphones produced in Canada is dedicated to different artistic movements, including Art Deco and Art Nouveau, or to power symbols, from the Chinese dragon to Saint George. And they are produced in very limited numbers - from a minimum of 200 to a maximum of 500, depending on the model chosen and the preferred material. Prices start at just over 2700 euros and go up. In return, you receive an iPhone 7 finished in gold or rhodium, and enclosed in a sapphire shell.

6. Samsung W2018

The design of the clamshell phone is coming back into fashion, and thanks to the highly advanced technology of recent seasons it becomes a cult object for very few. For example, on December 1, Samsung presented the brand new W2018, which has some of the features that may be on the expected Galaxy S9, like the rear camera with f / 1.5 aperture. For sale only in China and South Korea, the price should (not yet been widespread) well exceed 2500 euros.

7. Caviar 3310 "The Last Emperor"

The nostalgic people still long for the distant times when the Nokia 3310 dominated the markets, capable of having signals even in tunnels and with an infinite battery, other than Duracell. To them the Russian Caviar proposes a commemorative version with the effigy of Tsar Nicholas II: once again in gold and titanium. It costs around 2000 euros. If surfing the internet is essential, there are plenty of alternative models on the company website, including the "Team Putin" iPhone X line.

8. Goldgenie iPhone X Diamond Cluster

This iPhone X costs only 2040 euros with its 24-carat gold shell, cherry wood and diamond finishes instead of the Apple logo. This is for the rest of the same phone for sale to us mere mortals, which justifies a fairly moderate price difference. The name Goldgenie and the Dubai office leave no doubt: smartphones are all covered with precious metal. If so, they are also available as corporate gifts. To the face.

9. Gresso Regal Smartphone

Like Goldvish, the American company is aimed at customers who want to stand out, so even in their case all phones are hand-made and use exclusive materials. In the catalog there are also simple houses, which can be purchased for the price of a normal telephone. Otherwise, there are two options: for iOS sufferers there are iPhones customized with gold and titanium for just over 4000 euros, while the Regal is the equivalent for the Android world, at just 2500 euros.

10. Savelli Jardin Secret

Leather and diamonds (for a total of 4 carats) for this line of Italian-designed smartphones (Alex Savelli, born in 1980). A very high-end product, but all in all it has the same features as a latest-generation Android: it is delivered complete with adapters to recharge it anywhere in the world and an exclusive user interface. The average price is around 22,600 euros, but may increase depending on the type of leather chosen or the precious metal used in the body.