OnePlus 6 arrives: "The most powerful smartphone
OnePlus 6 arrives: "The most powerful smartphone
OnePlus 6 arrives: "The most powerful smartphone

Fast, powerful, light smartphone, sold for half the price compared to the leading models of others and produced by a company that has become a cult obsessed by details. It was known that technology could create identity since the 1990s, when Apple launched the slogan "Think Different" created by the TBB advertising agency. It is surprising, however, that even today, when that "thinking differently" has now become an establishment, there are those who still identify with a hi-tech device. Worse: in a smartphone, the most common object of all. But the Chinese startup OnePlus succeeds in playing against David Goliath, as we had told here. The 6 is probably the most powerful smartphone in circulation. Mount the Snapdragon 845 processor, the same as the US version of Samsung's S9, so to speak, it has 6 or 8GB of RAM that adds to the 64, 128 or 256GB storage space. The rear camera with 16 and 20 megapixel sensor and the front 16 always work well even if they are not at the top. Then use a modified version of Android 8.1, simple, very fast and intuitive. Prices? From 519 to 619 euros. A couple of shortcomings: on the front it is very similar to the iPhone X and the display is full hd, like that of the P20, although the difference with the 2K ones like the Samsung S9 is noticeable but not so much.

OnePlus 6 arrives: "The most powerful smartphone
The double camera on the back and the three colors
"We can afford such prices because we sell directly to our customers online and we do not invest in advertising or traditional marketing," says Carl Pei, a twenty-nine-year-old Sino-Swedish co-founder of OnePlus. "Our profit margins I believe that in the end they are similar to those of other companies that however have much higher costs and for this reason they sell them at much higher prices. Apple makes sense ”.

You have sold several million smartphones. You announced that you earned a billion and a half dollars last year. They are promising numbers but still small.
"We produce only one model at a time. It always has top features and a cost that is half of those of the same level. And we can sell everything we put on the market. For a company that is four years old it seems like a good result. To increase the number of phones we should concentrate on those in the medium-low range, but it is not the mission of this company. We don't want to revolutionize the sector, we don't think we can change the world. We just want to offer the best Android smartphone at the lowest possible price and we hope that by doing so our company can go a long way. This is not a race on the hundred meters, but a marathon. This is why we don't pursue fashions. We have seen the media storm of drones and virtual reality pass and now everyone is talking about artificial intelligence. Instead, we continue to do what we did four years ago: try to build the best Android phone ”.

How is it possible that OnePlus is able to get the most advanced components by buying them from companies like Qualcomm that only deals with multinationals that make huge orders?
"In the beginning we succeeded because we were linked to the Oppo (Chinese technology giant from which the other founder of OnePlus comes, Pete Lau, ed). Now we succeed because we are among the main buyers of the fastest and most recent processors. The volumes of high-end smartphones are smaller and we are not so small in that field: in Europe, for example, we are in second place. If you look at the market as a whole our share is insignificant, but if you look at the high end things are completely different ”.

A trade war between the United States and China is taking shape. The thing could also touch you sooner or later.
"It is true, our roots are in China. But we are different from the others. It is obvious that the political situation worries us, but for now it has not had a direct effect on our company ".

The design of the OnePlus 6 is much, too, similar to that of the iPhone X. Why have you not chosen a more original design?
"The front is the result of a technical solution: to have as much screen as possible there are no other roads. Not surprisingly, many have adopted the notch. But in the future the phones will have a surface that will be full screen on the front and this means that they will look more and more like each other. On the back, however, the OnePlus 6 has glass that looks like ceramic, a material that we really like but is also heavy and fragile. It is a distinctive trait ”.

Speaking of distinctive features: why has innovation disappeared in the smartphone sector and is there ever more negligible flag-waving?
"In the beginning a certain characteristic was really a novelty and maybe it took months and months before other brands had it. But now smartphones have become like old mobile phones: they all basically do the same thing. But this does not mean that it is a stagnant world. With us over 35 people work only on software, to make Android fast and immediate. In short, now the competition is on the details, on being able to have the perfect phone ”.

Xiaomi is coming to Italy. She is also a Chinese startup in the world of smartphones and is preparing to disembark with a valuation of 100 billion dollars. Are you going to list?
"No, absolutely no. We have seen companies that have been ruined by stock market listing. Long-term goals are easily lost sight of and that's exactly what we don't want to happen to us. "