The 5 best smartphones for social media (and how to choose the one that's right for you)
The 5 best smartphones for social media (and how to choose the one that's right for you)
The 5 best smartphones for social media (and how to choose the one that's right for you)

Social, social, social: the world is heading in this direction and nobody is left out of the digital revolution.
Several sector studies show that most of the time online, European citizens (and Swiss citizens as well) pass it on social platforms and - so much so that you are a simple user of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on, that you are a social media manager and you take care of it for work - the main tool to use them always remains him: our smartphone.

We increasingly share our content in full mobility. We capture moments of our lives and make them public, we peek into the daily lives of friends, relatives and colleagues, we manage the image and communication of institutions, companies, professionals. To do all this better we need a smartphone that can respond to all our needs, whatever they may be.

Let's make an introduction. We will not bore you trying to determine which is the best operating system: we leave you free choice. iOS and Android are excellent, with their merits and some limitations, but preferring one over the other is often simply linked to strictly personal factors, to habit, not necessarily to actual needs. Both, in fact, are able to respond to the vast majority of the playful or professional needs of each of us.

the smartphone most "suited" to social media:

    iOS is easier, Android has more choice: given that it is not - in fact - our job to indicate the best operating system, it is good to remember this aspect. With iOS everything will be more immediate and simple, Android offers more hardware options and is often cheaper.
    Don't pay more than you need for a phone: do you really need a € 1000 smartphone? If you don't have particularly complex professional needs, often phones that are not too expensive will fully satisfy you.

    Display, quality and color are more important than resolution: 4K is nice, but is it really useful? Better to have a bright display that allows us to easily see even outdoors to be able to share on social networks in full mobility and in any environment. For the colors, better the AMOLED technology than the LCD one.

    Camera, not only megapixels count: it is useless to specify how much and how the camera makes the difference in a smartphone for those who want to make the most of it to share on social media. Often we rely only on megapixels to evaluate their efficiency. Mistaken! Watch out for the aperture (the smaller the number, the better), the quality of the lens, the optical image stabilization.
    The processor is not so important: Apple's A11 Bionic processor is the fastest mobile chip ever, but even mid-level phones offer sufficiently good performance for most users who want to use the device in particular for social media.

    Does the battery last less than 10 hours? Stay away: the use of social networks absorbs a good chunk of your battery's energy. Do you really want to be without a mobile phone in the middle of the day? Pay a lot of attention to this aspect.

    Memory, at least 32 GB: it is now the minimum market share, and is already decidedly reduced. The 16 GB phones are now a thing of the past, you would do a bad deal and you would always be worried about sipping stored content. 32 GB is the minimum required, from 64 upwards our advice.



3 GB of RAM, video resolution in 4K, 12 Mpx of camera: these are just some of the features of the top-of-the-range smartphone for Apple. A bomb, for those who want to have the best in their hands to fully experience the social experience.


There are even 4 GB of RAM available, so you can work better even with many apps in the background. Extraordinary camera, and 4G LTE module to whiz across the network. Samsung also has an amazing solution for those looking for the best on the market.


It will not have the charm of top-level competitors, but can count on amazing performances. Huawei P20 Pro has a total potential of 92 Mpx to be exploited to take memorable images, records in 4K, has 6 GB of RAM and a battery that will allow you to comfortably arrive at the end of the day.


Although presented at the end of 2017 it is still one of the best smartphones in circulation, especially for those who make extensive use of Google services. Excellent operating system, sensational photographic compartment, very solid hardware.

For those who can count on smaller budgets, Huawei will still offer a solution. 12Mpx camera, Full HD video, 4GB of Ram and a 3000 mAh battery offer the necessary guarantees for a smartphone that is excellent for social browsing.

Article by Linkfloyd Sagl, marketing and communication agency in Ticin