Playing the study at 1080p consumes over 100MB for one minute

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Google's new streaming platform "Study" finally arrived after experiencing considerable controversy during the release process. Only the streaming service has been criticized due to its release and poor lineup of exaggerated features, only some of them have been postponed indefinitely, and for at least two weeks after launch Until Google failed to complete its reservation.

However, many users did manage to use this service and were able to confirm that only 1080p streaming would use more than 100MB of data per minute.

Google first notified users that one hour of study could use up to 4.5GB to 20GB of data. Venture went to Bett Studios and decided to test it out on its own. Their results not only confirm this, but also indicate that it may exceed 20 GB.

Playing Red Dead Redemption 2 minutes at 1080p60, Google Studios used 1.55GB of data, which is equivalent to 119MB per minute or 7.14GB per hour. Google Studios promises to provide about 4K60 resolution, which is 4 times higher than 1080p60 resolution, which means that in theory, Studios can use about 30GB per hour.

Later, VentureByte looked at the average time (47 hours) to beat the game. It is estimated that up to 335GB of data can be used to play Red Dead Reduction 2 on Studios, which only applies to 1080p.

Although data caps are becoming less common nowadays, they are still common in many cities and countries. Even for users with unlimited data volumes, Internet providers often introduce soft data caps, which strictly limit speeds beyond a certain speed of use.

Due to multiple warnings from Google Studies, it may perform poorly at launch. It's interesting to see if Google can change the public's perception of stadium in a timely manner, or if the service will gradually disappear, as do many of Google's joint ventures.