Today New Currency Exchange Rate
Today Open Markeet Currency Exchange Rates,usd,sar,sgd,pkr,hkd,kwd,bhd rate,img,currency img,currency notes

USD 154 155.20
GBP 198.65 200
EUR 170.30 170.90
SAR 40.90 41.10
AED 41.90 42.20
QAR 39.90 40.20
KWD 501 502.25
BHD 402.90 403.20
OMR 399 4.30
AUD 105 106.10
CAD 115.60 116
CNY 21.35 21.50
INR 1.90 2
NZD 100.30 100.50
PKR 2 2.10
THB 4.80 5
ZAR 8.70 8.90
HKD 18.10 18.35
SGD 112.60 113.20
CHF 155 156.10

Open market prices in Pakistan

The open market is basically a market accessible to all economic participants in any country, and they can trade without external constraints. In short, the open market is mainly to allow free trade between countries; for the banking industry, the open market is to allow asset transfers between countries.

In open markets, the term "open" generally refers to the following characteristics of any market.

Game range

Number of any cultural / cultural barriers that may hinder trade
Rules imposed by governments on these markets
Usually, these are obstacles that make transactions difficult. The smaller the following impact on a country's market, the more open the country's market is. Open markets provide opportunities for all financial participants to buy and sell currencies, commodities, assets and more. Open markets have no rates, subsidies and tariffs to ensure maximum participation in the market; the most open markets in the world are Canada, Australia, Western Europe and the United States, while North Korea, Brazil and Cuba are relatively closed. The market is closed, so a small number of economic partners can be traded on the market.

Currency exchange

In addition to buying and selling goods, currencies are exchanged between open markets in different countries. Participate in setting rates. The central national bank in each country determines the currency exchange rate daily, a process known as foreign exchange fixing.

How currency exchange works
Currency exchange rates basically tell us the value of foreign currencies. If we are buying or buying a currency, the exchange rate lets us know how much it costs to buy that currency. Currency exchange rates are determined by foreign exchange dealers. The exchange rate can also indicate the appreciation or depreciation of the currency. Before you convert the currency, you should know the relative exchange rate of the currency in the market. The best price is usually offered. National Bank, but other than that, you can exchange money changers in each country.

In Pakistan, you can exchange currencies as follows.

Western Union

Dollar East Money Changer
Pakistan Currency Exchange Limited Pte Ltd
AA Exchange, Lahore
Lahore Paragon Exchange
Habib Qatar International Exchange Pakistan
Wall Street Exchange
Ravi X Change, Lahore
Lahore payment service provider
The Link International Exchange Limited
Your exchange, Lahore
Factors affecting exchange rates
The exchange rate of any country is affected by three factors.

Generally, investors around the world can buy any currency, depending on the interest rate that the central bank pays for the currency. Higher interest rates make money more valuable. Investors buy high-value currency and then keep it in a bank. Interested in it.
If more money is available due to currency overprint, more money is available, but less money is available for purchase. This allows for currency bidding, and the value of the currency decreases, so the exchange rate of that currency decreases.
The economic growth rate and economic stability of any country has increased its exchange rate in global currencies.
Interbank interest rate differences
Currency exchange rates on the open market differ from interbank exchange rates. Banks usually charge higher currency exchange rates because of higher interest rates. Banks around the world must retain current assets for customer repayments and payments. Therefore, interest should be included when buying or selling currency. Investors plan to double the amount, so going to a bank for currency exchange is appropriate, but for the general public, it is more common to collect money from a local money changer. To get a lot ..

Impact of exchange rate changes on the economy
There is a direct proportional relationship between the economic growth of a country and its currency exchange rate. The currency exchange rate of a country is higher than the economic growth of a country. If a country's economy is strong, more global investors are buying his goods and services. Buy more and more of his currency.

Pakistan's economy has been unstable for a long time, which has caused our currency to depreciate and changed its exchange rate. Recently, when the new government came to power, the US dollar exchange rate fell by 4 points, but now the price has risen by 9 rupees, which has brought a difficult time to the Pakistani economy. If we get less returns, then those who want to buy or sell foreign exchange have no profit.