What to do if Huawei Powder relies heavily on Apple iOS? Buy a New Machine Screen for the Controversial Huawei Screensaver!

When the iPhone 11 series goes on sale, you can see that many fruit powders are still lined up to occupy the usual spot in the first place. However, from 2015 to 2018, Mazen Kurouche, who occupies the number one spot every year, is no longer accustomed to number one, so arrived just two hours ago, but is also the second fruit powder to buy the iPhone 11 series. It can be seen that the love of fruit powder for iPhone is not over yet! But some netizens on the internet have taken the iPhone 11 off and replaced the screen cover with the Huawei logo. It was truly amazing!

Why not buy Huawei directly?

Are you honest
Author Yang Keehan posted on Weibo and told people all over the world: "With the new mobile phone in hand, put Huawei on screen saver for the first time! Always support Huawei with enthusiasm! Even if you can't reach it So you long for it. "!
Everyone is wondering, if you really support Huawei, why not just buy a Huawei flagship? Others think this author is just a premium mobile phone brand! However, the author continued to explain that he does not like to look for errors, and also said that he is a fan of Huawei's enterprise, but he was also a fan of Apple products!

Author's post has caused many netizens to comment, but many believe that Huawei's mobile phones also have their own cell points, most notably the Mate 30 series phones just released, and more new ones. Announces to add features, such as Karen 990 processor, dual 40 million shooting pixels, four lenses, hyper-curved OLED color screen, dual super-fast charging, etc., so it's not inferior to the iPhone!

"Is there a phone that I like? I have a lot of brain damage in moral abduction, and patriotism doesn't mean using a phone."

Xiao Bian says that choosing a mobile phone is a personal choice. But according to the author's point of view, it seems to be poisoning Apple's iOS, but it also praises Huawei's flagship hardware. What do you think about this? Let's talk together!