The 5 weakest currencies in the world with the lowest prices

Whether you are traveling to any of these destinations or looking for foreign exchange investment opportunities, it is important to be aware of the world's weakest currencies. As expected, many types of currency are located in Africa and Asia and are subject to economic policies, corruption and violence.
It may be that in the next 100 years - if money money experiences can survive for long - money or soma can win gold. Until then, inflation will be everywhere, and disqualification policies will continue.

Top Five 5-Weakest Currencies in the world

1. Venezuelan Bolیوvar: 1 US $ = 9,9875 VEF

Unfortunately, Venezuela Bolivar is currently the weakest currency in the world. Although Venezuela is one of the world's largest oil reserves, Venezuela's economy has turned into a swelling crisis due to price controls, production quotas, centralized planning and a mix of crazy people.
As a result, Venezuelan Bolivar collapsed and many citizens used it as toilet paper or had empanada paper, which is seldom found in Caracas. The currency crisis is so severe that the annual inflation rate is over 46,000%.

2. Uganda Shilling: 1 US $ = 3,702 UGX

Uganda's shilling is the world's second weakest currency. Unfortunately, Uganda never completely survived President Eddie Amin's eight-year tragedy. From immigration policy to the economy, it unilaterally destroyed all areas of the East African countries. Uganda has been experiencing decades of corruption, scams and thefts. Not surprisingly, Uganda's shillings, established in 1966, are not really due to financial stability?

3. Uzbekstani SOM :1 USD = 8,390 UZS

Uzbekistan is one of the weakest currencies in the world. It has tried to improve the national economy several times, but to no avail. Earlier this year, the federal government announced several reforms aimed at boosting Uzbekistan's economic development, but it remains to be seen whether the latest reincarnation will work. Either way, the country's disappointing development has helped to promote 20-year-old Meng.

4. Iranian Rial : 1 USD = 42,317 IRR

Has Iran's economy collapsed because its currency is on the verge of extinction? Even with the world's largest crude oil market share and dynamic economy, Iranian rials will not be able to grow. There are many factors that can explain US-led sanctions, Domestic crises and oil prices are still in the $ 60 range (excluding the United States, most oil-rich states need $ 60 a barrel of oil to make a profit) but prices are falling , Everyone knows that it is a foreign exchange market.

5. Vietnamese Dong: 1 USD = 23,107 VND

Vietnam is one of the best performing Asian economies, and despite destabilizing the war zone, it has become a major US ally. He said his strong economy and normal recovery could not be enough to boost Mr Dong. The currency of this country is the weakest of many Asian countries.