Today US  Dollar increase early Morning in pakistan

New Exchange Rate

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Here we upload on daily basis new and latest currency rates in Pakistan according to the forex Exchange Rate on 06 January 2020 are United State Dollar : Pakistani Rupee (PKR) 154.35, British Pound : Pakistani Rupee (PKR) 201.50, Saudi Arabia Riyal : Pakistani Rupees (PKR) 41.05,United Arab Emirate (UAE): Pakistani Rupees(PKR)  42.10, Australian Dollar (AUD): Pakistani Rupees(PKR)  106.15,Qatar Riyals (QAR): Pakistani Rupees(PKR)  39.45,Kuwait Dinar (KWD): Pakistani Rupees(PKR)  503.95,Bahrain Dinar (BHD): Pakistani Rupees(PKR)  405.23, Oman Riyals(OMR): Pakistani Rupees(PKR)  398.82, Canada Dollar (CAD): Pakistani Rupees(PKR)  117.90,

China Yuan Renminbi (CNY): Pakistani Rupees(PKR)  21.40, India Rupee(INR): Pakistani Rupees(PKR)  2.12, Norway Kroner (NOK): Pakistani Rupees(PKR)  17.30 , Sweden Kroner (SEK): Pakistani Rupees(PKR)  16.33, Denmark Kroner (DKK) : Pakistani Rupees(PKR)  22.92, Japan yen (JPY): Pakistani Rupees(PKR)  1.41, Thailand Baht (THB): Pakistani Rupees(PKR)  4.85, South Afriqa Rand (ZAR): Pakistani Rupees(PKR)  10.50, Korea Won (KRW): Pakistani Rupees(PKR)  0.09, Sri Lanka Rupees (LKR): Pakistani Rupees(PKR)  0.80, Hong Kong Dillars(HKD): Pakistani Rupees(PKR)  18.19, New Zealand Dollar(NZD): Pakistani Rupees(PKR)  101.55, Singapore Dollars (SGD) : Pakistani Rupees(PKR)  113.22, Switzerland Francs(CHF): Pakistani Rupees(PKR)  157.45.

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Here High ,Mid and Low Rate Currencies Table:

Here Top 7-The Highest (Strongest) World Currencies in 2019 and 2020

1) Kuwait Dinar (KWD): Pakistani Rupees(PKR)  505495,
2) Bahrain Dinar (BHD): Pakistani Rupees(PKR)  405.23,
3) Oman Riyals(OMR): Pakistani Rupees(PKR)  398.82,
4) Switzerland Francs(CHF): Pakistani Rupees(PKR)  157.45.
5) United State Dollar : Pakistani Rupee (PKR) 154.50,
6) Canada Dollar (CAD): Pakistani Rupees(PKR)  117.90,
7) Australian Dollar (AUD): Pakistani Rupees(PKR)  106.15,

Low Rate Table Here :