1. Firstly, download and Install for FREE Zarchiver Pro by Zdevs on your Android phone. This app is required to access and extract the Zip file.
  2. Once installed, open it up and go to the download folder of the browser using the Zarchiver file manager.
  3. Tap on the Zip file and choose the Extract here option.
  4. First, install the GTA 5 Apk by clicking on it. When the installer will get opened, just scroll down to the bottom and tap on install.
  5. Wait for it to get completely installed and then press on Done to exit the installer.
  6. Similarly, install the PPSSPP emulator from the extracted folder.
  7. Now, place the extracted Obb folder to SD/Internal>Android>Obb.
  8. And then Launch the PPSSPP from App drawer and Tap on GTA 5 to start playing it.
  9. When you will launch the PPSSPP first on your phone, it will ask for Storage Access permission. Just allow it and wait for it to detect the GTA 5 and its OBB file from the storage and then start the game. If the game eventually gets closed at first start then it means you didn’t have placed the Obb file at the right place. So, make sure you place the Obb folder to External/Internal>Android>Obb to avoid the game crash at first place. Now, let me show you its Gameplay so you can get the Proof.

    GTA 5 PPSSPP Download (Wrapping Up)

    So, that was it. The installation process of it is a bit hard and chances most of the kids reading this are going to do a mistake. The mistake most of you will do is while placing the Obb folder. Remember, if you have to install GTA 5 APK and PPSSPP on External then only place the Obb folder to External storage. If you install the APK on Internal Storage and game Obb file on External then the game will not start. So, make sure you follow my points carefully, especially the installation process.

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