The Description of PS4 EMULATOR

Experience the PS4 user interface (UI) on your Android mobile device!
This app is currently in Alpha, so more support is being added in each update...

- A device with minimum 2GB of RAM is recommended to run the app.

Note: This is NOT an emulator, it will not play any retail PlayStation 4 games, or allow you to use any of the services owned and operated by Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc., this is simply a simulation / parody of the User Interface.

“PlayStation” is a registered trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

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Are PS4 emulators real?

Yes, to some extent. A system can only be emulated once it is fully understood. Building an emulator for the PS4 is a hard task and requires lots of work. This is technically doable only once it has fully been reverse engineered. 

This is technically a possibility since kernel exploits have been released for the system and multiple hackers have full access to the PS4. A few tinkerers have started working on PS4 emulators already (see list below), although their state might range from “barely working” to “ok” currently.

A full fledged PS4 emulator allows much more than simply running your favorite PS4 games on your PC or android device. It will also help enhance games visuals with added filters, could help decrease load times: the power provided by a full fledged PC could take the graphics and PS4 experience to a much higher level, like most emulators typically do. There are many benefits a PS4 emulator could bring to the table:

Possibility to play many games without having to carry the discs

Some emulators let you play online
Games tend to run better/faster on emulators
Graphics and sound can be dramatically improved with emulators (anti alias filters, etc…)

Savestates: you can save a game wherever you want instead of relying on the game’s checkpoints
Use the controller of your choice, gamepad, keyboard,…
The possibility to play PS4 exclusive games on your favorite device
Savegame compatibility means you can share savegames with friends
PS4 Emulators also add features such as screenshots, video capture, etc…